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This page exists to help people looking for open source software find what they need from me, quickly, and understand how the various libraries are related.


Agent-based Simulation of Market Exchange Trading and Scenarios from Microeconomics

These projects are libraries that can be assembled to form an agent-based market simulator with robot traders.

An example simulator, supporting one market, built atop this code is at:

With plugins for additional functionality:

A web front end is at

which provides the example simulator app at

Game Theory Matrix-Game Prototype in MeteorJS for Human Subject Experiments

This is an early draft, and has scaling-up issues running for more than a few dozen subjects simultaneously.

HAMP Loan Modification

HAMP is a somewhat controversial Obama administration program (a policy program, not a computer program) for adjusting the parameters of loans in imminent default with the cooperation of the lender. Other programs like HARP were created later to complement HAMP.

I ran an ad-free site for the public interest on HAMP Loan Modification calculations at, netting about 20,000 visitors/year during the peak public interest in these policies in the early 2010s.


Javascript NPM Libraries


Sharding of sqlite database and multi core processing of sqlite queries across collections of sqlite shards.


Private fork of Jupyter project docker stacks to enable and test some disabled functionality.

Quick setup of nginx web server in reverse proxy mode for proxying an app. Also provides an example of autodeployment of a Docker container to Dockerhub

Modifying JDorn's json-editor to use a textarea to prompt for a list of positive numbers

Amateur-Radio Hobbyist code